The Crew

The Crew : New gameplay trailer | Commentaires : 0

Release date is getting closer and closer. We are still working very hard to deliver a brand new genre in racing game. An alternative racing on tracks, but to offer freedom and fun with your friends. Here is a good overview of what we consider as

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The Crew Ubisoft - E3 Awards Recap

After this legendary E3, The Crew was amazingly welcomed. Here are the awards the game won : IGN : Best Racing Game link Gamespot : One the "Best Game of E3 - 2013 Winner" link CNN : "Top Games of E3 2013" link Machimina : in the

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The Crew revealed at the E3 2013

The whole Ivory tower and I are so proud to announce that our title finally goes public. 5 years of hard work, but it's definitely worth it, enjoy ! Trailer : here Gameplay of the Ubi conference live demo here

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